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  • The Allen-Bradley 1794-ASB is a Flex I/O communication adapter. This adapter is a DIN rail mounted device, which features One (1) Remote I/O (RIO) communication port, used for connecting Flex I/O rack to RIO capable controllers. It supports 57.6Kbps, 115.2Kbps, and 230.4kbps communication rate with an input voltage requirement of 19.2 – 31.2 VDC. It supports installation of up to Eight (8) Flex I/O modules.

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1794-ASB Allen Bradley Rockwell Automation

 Technical Specifications for 1794-ASB

Manufacturer Rockwell Automation
Thermal Dissipation 15.7 BTU/hr @ 24V DC
Power Consumption: 330 mA @ 24V DC
Operating Shock: 30 g peak acceleration, 11(+1)ms pulse width
Vibration: Tested 5 g @ 10-500Hz per IEC 68-2-6
Storage Temperature: -40 to 85 C (-40 to 185 F)
Operating Temperature: 0 to 55 C (32 to 131 F)
RIO cable: Belden 9463 or Equivalent
Indicators: Power; Adapter Active; Adapter Fault; Local Fault
Data Transfer speed: 57.6Kbps, 115.2Kbps, and 230.4kbps
Supported topologies: Daisy Chain
Supported Protocol: RIO
Communication Port: One (1) RIO port
Product Description: Remote I/O communication Adapter
Brand Allen-Bradley
Power Dissipation 4.6 W @ 31.2V DC
Part Number/Catalog No. 1794-ASB
Product Type Remote IO Adapter
Series Flex I/O
Module Capacity 8 Modules
Mount DIN Rail
Controller Platform FlexLogix
Diagnostic Indicators Status
Enclosure IP20, Open Type
Series Available 1794-ASB – A/B/C/D/E
Communication Rate 57.6, 115.2, 230.4 Kbps
External Power Supply 450 mA at 24 Volts DC
Voltage 24 Volts DC
Dimensions 4 x 2 x 4 inches
UPC 10662468112175

About 1794-ASB

The 1794-ASB is an Allen-Bradley Remote I/O communication Adapter module. This product belongs to the Flex I/O product family of distributed I/O modules.

The 1794-ASB has One (1) Remote I/O interface. This RIO protocol is a legacy protocol, utilizing Belden 9463 or equivalent cables for connecting the device to the RIO scanner. This module is compatible for use with Allen-Bradley Legacy controllers such as PLC2, PLC3 and PLC5 controllers as well as SLC500 automation platforms. It may also be used modern Logix controller platforms as well as with 3rd party devices and encompass partner modules.

The 1794-ASB sends and receives data to and from the controller, via Block Transfer Read (BTR) and Block Transfer Write (BTW) instructions. Using these instructions, packets of data may be sent simultaneously or sequentially, depending of the required speed.

The 1794-ASB supports communication rate of 57.6Kbps, 115.2Kbps, and 230.4kbps. The module’s intended supply voltage range is 11VDC-31.2VDC, including 5% ac ripple while the nominal supply is 24VDC. It supports installation of up to Eight (8) Flex I/O modules, for successful implementation of distributed I/O architecture. This module has built-in status indicator such as Power LED, Adapter Active LED, Adapter Fault LED and Local Fault LED. This module is mounted to a standard DIN rail and has an open type enclosure which means the 1794-ASB requires installation inside an appropriate enclosure that protects the device from industrial element and contaminants.

The maximum consumption of power is 450 mA from a constant 24 Volts DC power input. The maximum power dissipation is 4.6 Watts at 31.2 Volts DC and the thermal dissipation is 15.7 BTU/hour at 31.2 Volts DC.

The 1794-ASB’s dimensions are approximately 4x 2x 4 inches and weigh only 6 ounces. The Allen-Bradley 1794-ASB is an obsolete Adapter Module and is part of the FLEX I/O series. It connects FLEX I/O modules to I/O scanner ports via a communication network. It has a built-in power supply which converts 24VDC to 5 VDC for the backplane in order to power the FLEX I/O modules. It also functions with the Allen Bradley PLC 3 and 5 series. Additionally, the 1794-ASB can recognize the safe state data for the FLEX Integral analog modules, and it is capable of using thirty-two point FLEX I/O units. The user must use a 1794-ASB Series D or later module when utilizing the FLEX Integral analog modules in the configuration of your setup.

FAQ for 1794-ASB

How many I/O Modules can a 1794-ASB communicate with?

One 1794-ASB adapter can communicate with up to 8 FLEX I/O modules. This module powers the internal logic for up to 8 I-O Flex modules.

What are the alternate series for the 1794-ASB module?

This module’s alternate series include Series A, B, C, D, and Series E adapter modules.

What is the 1794-ASB communication rate?

The 1794-ASB communication rates are 57.6 Kbps, 115.2 Kbps, and 230.4 Kbps.

Can this module be purchased with a warranty?

Yes, the 1794-ASB comes with a free one-year warranty from DO Supply, Inc.

Does the 1794-ASB carry any indicators?

Yes, this module contains a number of Diagnostic Status indicators.

Where can I send the 1794-ASB to be repaired?

DO Supply, Inc. offers a variety of repair services for the 1794-ASB.

What is the supported protocol by the 1794-ASB?

The 1794-ASB supports Remote I/O (RIO) communication.

What is the recommended cable to implement RIO connectivity?

Recommended Remote I/O cable is Belden 9463 or Equivalent cables.

Can I use this communication adapter with legacy controller products?

Yes, the 1794-ASB is compatible with PLC2, PLC3 processors with specific cautions. It may also be used with PLC5 and SLC500 controllers.

Technical Description of 1794-ASB

The Allen-Bradley 1794-ASB Remote IO Adapter has a 24 Volt DC Voltage, an 8 Module I/O Capacity, and an 11 to 31.2 Volt DC Input Voltage Range. It also operates with a 500V AC Isolation Voltage and a 330mA Power Consumption.

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