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The Allen-Bradley 1794-OB16P is a Flex I/O discrete output module. This module has Sixteen (16) Current sourcing outputs, providing 24VDC voltage output. Each channel of this module are electronically protected. Compatible terminal bases for this module are 1794-TB2,1794-TB3,1794-TB3S, 1794-TB3K, 1794-TB3SK.

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1794-OB16P Allen Bradley Rockwell Automation

  Technical Specifications for 1794-OB16P

Manufacturer Rockwell Automation
Power Dissipation 5.0 W @ 31.2V DC
Operating Shock: 30 g
Vibration: 5g @ 10 to 500 Hz
Storage Temperature: -40 to 85 C (-40 to 185 F)
Operating Temperature: 0 to 55 C (32 to 131 F)
Wire Size: Determined by installed terminal base
Mounting: DIN Rail
Indicators: 16 Yellow status indicators
ON state Voltage, nom: 24VDC
ON state Voltage, max. 31.2VDC
ON state Voltage, min: 10VDC
Terminal base: 1794-TB2, 1794-TB3, 1794-TB3S, 1794-TBKD
Number of Inputs: 16, sourcing; electronically fused
Product Description: Flex IO 24VDC Output Module
Brand Allen-Bradley
Thermal Dissipation 17.0 BTU/hr @ 31.2V DC
Flexbus Current 60 mA @ 5V DC
Part Number/Catalog No. 1794-OB16P
Product Type Flex I/O Digital DC Output Module
Outputs 16 Sourcing Current
On-state Voltage nom. 24V DC
Output Current Rating 8.0A
On-state Current max. 500mA per Channel
On-state Voltage Drop max. 0.5V DC
Off-state Leakage Current max. 0.5mA
Isolation Voltage 50V Continuous
UPC 10612598179968

About 1794-OB16P

The Allen-Bradley 1794-OB16P is a Flex I/O module that functions as a Discrete output module. This module is used to energize electrical components that operate in 24VDC voltage categories such as indicator light and lamps, solenoid actuated devices, relay coils, and other field instruments.

The 1794-OB16P has Sixteen (16) electronically fused output channels, supporting source wiring configuration. Each channel has a minimum output rating of 1.0 mA and maximum of 500 mA per channel. Each channel is capable of withstanding surge current of 2 A for 50 ms, repeatable for every 2 seconds.

The 1794-OB16P internal circuitry is energized via the Flex I/O bus. It requires a FlexBus current of 60 mA @ 5V DC and with maximum power dissipation of 5.0 W @ 31.2V DC and thermal dissipation of 17.0 BTU/hr @ 31.2V DC. Each channel is equipped with electronic fusing.

This module requires a terminal base for installation. The terminal base provides DIN rail attachment and I/O termination points. Compatible terminal bases are 1794-TB2,1794-TB3,1794-TB3S, 1794-TB3K, 1794-TB3SK.

The 1794-OB16P is compatible with Flex I/O communication adapters such as Ethernet, ControlNet, Profibus, Remote I/O communication adapters. It may also be mixed with any type of Flex I/O modules to implement distributed I/O architecture and implement manual and automatic control of machines and processes. It can operate as distributed I/O component of Logix controllers such as ControlLogix and CompactLogix as well as legacy controllers including PLC5 and SLC500 controllers. The configuration of the 1794-OB16P module depends on the controller used.

The 1794-OB16P is compatible with communication adapters including ControlNet, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, and EtherNet/IP. The 1794-OB16P module uses screw clamp terminations and it can only be mounted on a DIN rail and only use terminal base units such as 1794-TB3, 1794-TB3K, 1794-TB2, 1794-TBN, 1794-TBNK, 1794-TB3S, and the 1794-TB3SK.

It requires an external DC supply voltage range of 10 to 31.2 Volts DC, with the 5% AC ripple and an external DC supply current range of 25 to 75 mA. The module’s ON-state output voltage drop is 0.5 Volts DC. The minimum current on-state output is 1 mA per channel and the maximum is 500 mA per channel or 8 Amps per module. This module also has a leakage current of 0.5 mA for off-state output and a maximum output surge current of 1.5 Amps for 50 milliseconds that is repeatable every 2 seconds. This module does not have any isolation between the individual channels.

The 1794-OB16P’s output delay is 0.5 milliseconds in the OFF to ON state and 1 milliseconds in the ON to OFF state. The maximum power dissipation is 5 W at 31.2 Volts DC, the thermal dissipation is 17 BTU/hour at 31.2 Volts DC, and the maximum Flexbus current is 60 mA. The 1794-OB16P module has an operating temperature of 0 to 55 degrees Celsius and a storage temperature of -40 to 85 degrees Celsius and comes with a non-condensing relative humidity of 5 to 95%. It also has an operating vibration of 30g and a non-operating vibration of 50g. Its vibration is 5 g at 10 to 500 Hertz.

FAQ for 1794-OB16P

What is the recommended terminal base unit for 1794-OB16P FLEX I/O Output Modules?

The recommended terminal base units for 1794-OB16P FLEX I/O Output Modules are the following: 1794-TB2, 1794-TB3, 1794-TB3S,1794-TB3K, and 1794-TB3SK.

Is a 1794-OB16P FLEX I/O Output Module fused?

No, 1794-OB16P is not factory fused. Fusing is recommended. If operators fuse 1794-OB16P, external fusing must be provided using SAN-O MQ4 800mA fuses.

What is the price of 1794-OB16P FLEX I/O Output Modules?

Submit a quote request, send us an email, or call 800-730-0292 for our best price.

Where can I find repair services for the 1794-OB16P FLEX I/O Output Module?

DO Supply offers repair services for a variety of Allen-Bradley products, such as the 1794-OB16P. For more information or to request a repair quote, please click here.

How many output channels does the 1794-OB16P have?

The 1794-OB16P has Sixteen (16) 24VDC sourcing output channels.

What does “P” in the catalog number depicts?

The “P” in the catalog number pertain to the electronic fusing embedded with the module. Each channel has embedded electronic fusing.

What is the output voltage of the 1794-OB16P?

The nominal output voltage of the 1794-OB16P is 24VDC

Technical Description of 1794-OB16P

The Allen-Bradley 1794-OB16P Flex I/O Digital DC Output Module has 16 Sourcing Current Outputs, a 24V DC On-state Voltage nom., and a 8.0A Output Current Rating. It also operates with a 0.5V DC On-state Voltage Drop max. and a 0.5mA Off-state Leakage Current max..

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