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Description: The Allen-Bradley 1734-OB8 is a POINT IO module that features Eight (8) Discrete, non-isolated sourcing output channels. It has One (1) group of channels with Eight (8) outputs per channel. It delivers a nominal actuating voltage of 24VDC and compatible with any POINT IO communication adapter for implementing distributed I/O architecture. This module requires 1734-TB or 1734-TBS wiring base assembly.

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 Technical Specifications for 1734-OB8

Manufacturer Rockwell Automation
Module Location 1734-TB or 1734-TBS wiring base assembly
Keyswitch position 1
Enclosure type rating None (open-style)
Weight, approx. 35.4 g (1.25 oz)
Dimensions 56 x 12 x 75.5 mm (2.2 x 0.47 x 2.97 in.)
Output Signal delay 0.1 ms
Output Current per module, max. 3:00 AM
Output Current per channel, nom. 1:00 AM
Output Voltage range 10-28.8VDC
No. of outputs 8; Sourcing output
Module Status indicators 2 green/red, module / network status
Brand Allen-Bradley
Input status indicators 8 yellow, logic side
Part Number/Catalog No. 1734-OB8
Series POINT I/O
Module Type Digital DC Sourcing Output
Output Voltage 24 Volts DC
POINTBus Current 75 mA
Power Dissipation 2.0 Watt/6.8 BTU/hour
Outputs 8
Electronically Protected Yes
Output Current 3 amps/module
Thermal Dissipation 6.8 BTU/hour
UPC 10612598310279

About 1734-OB8

The Allen-Bradley 1734-OB8 is part of the 1734 Point I/O product family. This module is an Eight (8) channel discrete output module that is used to energize electrical loads such as relays, pilot lamps, solenoid actuated devices and other devices that operated at a voltage range of 10-28.8 VDC. It is used to actuate Final Control Elements (FCE) to execute manual or automatic commands, according to the downloaded user program in the controller’s memory.

The 1734-OB8 is a small, compact sized output module that support DIN rail mounting. It requires minimum mounting space as it come with physical dimension of 56.0 x 12.0 x 75.5 mm (2.21 x 0.47 x 2.97 in.). It can be attached to any adjacent POINT I/O module or an POINT I/O communication adapter. The limit to the number of instances of 1734-OB8 is based on the controller’s memory capacity and the allowed number of POINT I/O nodes a specific communication protocol and adapter supports.

The 1734-OB8 cannot operated as a standalone device. It requires a POINT I/O communication adapter that manages the bi-directional transfer of between the controller and the POINT I/O module. Additionally, the 1734-OB8 is bus powered. It draws power from the POINT I/O bus with a rated current draw of 75 mA. To establish connections to this module, it requires use of 1734-TB or 1734-TBS wiring base assembly.

The 1734-OB8 has an output current rating of 1.0 A per output, not to exceed 3.0 A, maximum per module. It has minimum ON-state voltage of 10VDC and maximum ON state voltage is 28.8VDC.

The 1734-OB8 has a surge current rating of 2 Amps for 10 milliseconds that is repeatable for 3 seconds. It comes with 8 yellow indicator lights for the output status and 2 green/red for the module/network status. The 1734-OB8 has a thermal dissipation of 6.8BTU/hour. The product’s isolation voltage is 50 Volts continuous tested at 2500 Volts DC for 60 seconds. The 1734-OB8’s external DC power supply is 32mA with an approximate dimension of 56.0 x 12.0 x 75.5 millimeters with a wiring category of 2 ON-signal ports. The Allen-Bradley 1734-OB8 has an operating temperature of -25 to 55 degrees Celsius and a non-operating temperature of -40 to 85 degrees Celsius. Its operating shock is 30G and its non-operating shock of 50G. Its vibration is 5G at 10 to 500 Hertz and relative humidity of 5 to 95%, non-condensing.

FAQ for 1734-OB8

What is this module’s power dissipation?

The 1734-OB8 dissipates around 2 Watts.

Can this module be purchased with a warranty?

Yes, the 1734-OB8 comes with a free one-year warranty from

Where can I send the 1734-OB8 to be repaired? offers a variety of repair services for the 1734-OB8.

What is the current rating per channel of the 1734-OB8?

Each channel of the 1734-OB8 has a current rating of 1.0 A per output, not to exceed 3.0 A max per module.

What are compatible communication adapters for use with the 1734-OB8?

The 1734-OB8 is compatible for use with DeviceNet and ProfiBus adapters when configured using RSLogix Version 11 while series C modules have added compatibility with ControlNet and Ethernet adapters.

Can I use configure the 1734-OB8 using the Studio 5000 Logix Designer?

Yes. The Studio 5000 Logix Designer can be considered a higher version of RSLogix 5000.

Technical Description of 1734-OB8

The Allen-Bradley 1734-OB8 is a POINT I/O Digital DC Sourcing Output Modules. It has 8 Outputs and an Output Voltage of 24 Volts DC with a POINTBus Current of 75 milliamps. This Digital DC Sourcing Output Modules is Electronically Protected.

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Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 cm
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